Thursday, August 24, 2006

First day of class. woke up at 7am and went for walk around. Saw Pompidou, Notre Dame, and had Croq Msr. for lunch at one of thousands of brasserie. We kept seeing people walking around with cut wood in various dimensions. Dont knoow if it was "National Walk With Wood Day" or that's just what people do. I am going to start documenting all of the dog shit I see. Maybe the Parisiens will be embarresed and start picking it up. Some lady was on the metro train playing the accodian, it was a cool ambiance, but I didnt give her any change when she walked around with her cup.

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One F said...

OK, to the right side of the page there as that exoskeletal builsing type thing. There are street performers that are out there to harass tourists and locals alike. The locals referred to it as somethign that sounded like "Le Bubu." Two questions:

1) What were they calling it and
2) Is it legal to punch a street performer who is not a mime.