Friday, September 01, 2006

Here are some more photo's. I am trying to post images that might be a bit out of the ordinary. We went to the Louvre last night and took some interesting shoots. The fountains turned off at night make for interesting reflections. In teh one it seems as if the pyramid is actually a full 8-sided, descending down into the ground. I am having a hard time getting photos uploaded here and was considering tying in an account on '' or one of the other photo housing sites, but if I do there will be a clear link for eveyone to find. Next week I should start posting some of the work I am doing for my semester project. I just got "Down and out in Paris and London" by Orwell for some inspiration of what paris might have been like back when the market at Les Halles was in full swing. I am still waiting for Zola's "The Belly of Paris". I like to wake-up every morning right before sun-rise and photograph it from the deck of our apartment. This is from today.

I thought this apartment was kind of cool and crazy looking so I named it the Crazy Building. Who would have thought you couldn't store feet on shelves in your own rented apartment in Paris. This weekend we are off to go see Villa Savoye by Corbusier. More latter.

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