Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm in Avignon so it must be Friday

Got on the wrong high speed train in paris yesterday, wound up in Neins, not Avignon. Oh well, go with the flow. Using a french keyboard at youth hostel in Arles, France. keys are totally arranged different.Traveling laptop, just one change of clothes, and just a pencil and small sketchbook to write and draw in. Today I might stay to see bull fights, but probably will go to Avignon to see gothic cathedral and then on to Lyon tonight...that is the plan for now, but who knows I might get on the wrong train. Post More at the next computer I can get on.


Susan Gilbert said...

TL: Trying again. I commented before that we had the same experience with keyboards when we were in S. America last year. I thought the whole world used the same keyboard (silly American), but it does throw you until you figure it out.
Also, was interested in your comments about how reasonable, and good, food is in the shops. France has a reputation for being very expensive and with the Euro so high it should be worse.

traveling pencil said...

Shopping isnt that bad if you can get to the Marche before all the good stuff is gone. If you go to the street market areas it can be expensive, but you just have to take the time to look around and you can find some nice bargins. For example: last Saturday when we had Prime Rib i also found a cheese guy that had four different triple creme cheeses on a plate, the whole plate could have fed 10 people as a cheese course, and the entire thing was only 6Euro.