Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lyon and left luggage

So I got off the high speed train from Avignon yesterday and the exits are closed. Seems someone has left a suitcase in the plaza outside and the policz think it might be a bomb so nobody can go near the exit which is a 25' high wall of glass. That was exciting. Fast Forwad an hour later, 1 robotic bomb sniffer, and a fearless french policeman, the all clear was given. Mean while who's ever bag it was and all their belongings were just lzft in the plaza spilled everywhere, as all the annoyed rush-hour commuters walked over it. Next I take the metro to the stop for my hostel and ask a ldy directions . . ."oh, you go down that street, take a left where the stairs are, and then you have to be very courageous", then she point to the top of the cliffs right behind the buildings " up there is where your hostel is." I have a slight conception of that philosophy guy that was doomed to keep rolling the stone up the hill only to have it roll back down and have to push it back up again.
Today more sights and hill climbing, there is a huge cathedral that is even further up the hill that overlooks all of Lyon. Tomorrow I go back to Paris and get ready for London next week. Oh yeah, and I forgot that I told my roommate Wed. night before I left "If Prof. Roesch asks where I am tomorrow in studio, tell him I went to Lyon to buy a pig." I dont know if he believed them, but when I talked to one of them yesterday, he said Roesch wanted to know when he could come over for dinner then.

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Nick said...


I finally logged on to your blog. My girlfriend and I are sitting and enjoying your travel stories. She's growing more excited about her trip to Germany this upcoming summer as she reads your adventures and gazes at your gorgeous photographs. School is in full swing at good ole IIT... and its mostly the same old shit. I'm not sure if you've heard but Mike Lynn was in an accident on his bicycle a few days ago. He was waiting at the corner to cross when another moron on a bike decided to play chicken with the car that was coming. The car swerved and lost control hitting mike on his bicycle and sending him into a tree. He is in an induced coma right now in the trauma center. I will keep you updated as to his condition as i hear it, but we all signed a card for him yesterday. We're all missing your wit and distinguished laugh in the halls of our new palace at 3410. Hope all is well and happy travels.

Nick Perry

Ellen Irons said...

Hi Tom - I love your blog. How are your climbing muscles after Lyon? I'm in on the pig dinner too. Ellen

Anonymous said...

Do they allow pigs on the RTV?

Nelson said...

I dated a few but never traveled all the way to Lyon to get one!
Hope you're doing great! Love the pictures!

Frank Murtha said...

Looks graet TL. Have fun

Frank Murtha